Picture update from home!

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As you can see, we’ve already been spending a lot of time outdoors! We’ve had our first movie night of the season, which was a great success. Who can go wrong with He-Man as the before-movie feature followed by Transformers? Yeah – no one.

Hi from working mom land!

I’ve been working.

We’ve been sick.

The house is perpetually dirty.

Challenge accepted.


We’ve also really started to learn how to take every moment that we’re together and appreciate it – bruises, messes, babies eating ladybugs, and all.

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Little (and big) somethings!

I have little somethings to share!

I’ll start with what’s most recent and work backward…

We hosted our first family Thanksgiving here, this past weekend.  Jez’s fam came over and we had a great time preparing to eat, eating dinner, and eating dessert.  Sis-in-law Jenn forgave me that dinner wasn’t ready right at 5 p.m.!

DSCN0042 DSCN0040 DSCN0060

Uncle Brad helped the kiddos make ice cream after dinner… oh the display of tiny, adorable muscles!

DSCN0049 DSCN0055

I got a little Pinterest-y again and used the idea of a craft paper table cover. I also grabbed some seasonal stickers for the kiddos to mess with as dinner was in the final stages of cooking. They had a good time and it kept them (sorta kinda) occupied while the adults were at their busiest. During and after dinner we each wrote what we were thankful for (on the paper) and it was funny, dorky, inappropriate, and sweet at the same time!

DSCN0073 DSCN0070 DSCN0069 DSCN0065

We decided to have the house decorated for Christmas before our first round of Thanksgiving. Yes, we are those people. No, I am not ashamed.

DSCN0037 DSCN9993 DSCN0719 DSCN0003

Last week, Vivi, Finn, and I met my mom and adopted Grandma, Margie for lunch in town. We went to a relatively new place (although we should have eaten there before now) called Sweetea’s that was yummy and absolutely adorable. It’s (obviously) a tea shop, also, and they play up the tea party aspect for little girls – which Vivi really appreciated. There’s a corner with some plastic jewelry and cute little tin tea sets for the kids to play with so she served us her tea while we drank ours. Even Finn had a great time! He loves taking his girls out on the town.

DSCN0027 DSCN0024 DSCN0018 DSCN0015 DSCN0013 DSCN0006

I’ve also been crafting a bit, lately.

I’m exploring the wonderful world of felted wool dryer balls. I made them using a tutorial I found at allfourloveblog.com that’s super easy to follow (okay, it would be difficult to make this process confusing). The dryer balls take the place of dryer sheets, which are too full of chemicals for us! The are also supposed to cut drying time significantly. I just finally finished the felting process yesterday and have only used them in a couple of loads of laundry but so far so good!

I also broke down and bought a tag-shaped paper punch so that I can make my own tags for the holidays. I’ve always had a pretty strong aversion to Christmas tags – because I hated to actually pay for something so silly and insignificant. Anyway, I got a couple of Christmas stamps to use to decorate the tags and I’ll let you know how that goes.

Finally, we jumped on the felt Christmas tree bandwagon (see picture above). We have two, one upstairs and one downstairs and have already cut out a fair amount of ornaments with plans for some more. Vivi loves them, although she’s pretty type-A about which ornaments go where – specifically, like colors have to be together. Crazy kid.


Final news: I got a job.

Okay, that’s pretty big news.


It’s not in a library, although that is most certainly still my ultimate goal.

It’s a position with a provider of behavioral healthcare for children and young adults and I’ll be working with the patients and their families and I think it’s a wonderful stepping-stone as a job that encompasses both service and young people.

I am super excited but am also super anxious about leaving the kids for some days each week. I know they will be in wonderful hands but it’s always been Jez and I taking care of them until now! Big changes. It’s good that I won’t start for some weeks yet, so there’s time to get used to the idea!

Whew, this ended up being a long entry! I need to go wipe Finn’s nose and see what kind of mess Vivi’s making in her room while she’s supposed to be sleeping…

Family pictuuuuures!

Family picture day – it was a goofy one.

As it turns out, we aren’t the types for formal family portraits.

IMG_9032 IMG_9014 IMG_8886 IMG_8868 IMG_8837 IMG_8824 IMG_8821 IMG_8815 IMG_8752 IMG_8735


As it turns out, we’re much happier with the pictures when they are pictures of us acting like us.

Love them.

Remember library school and how I finished it…?

I don’t talk too terribly much about my chosen career around these parts – mostly because I just finished my MS and, until now, that career has really only impacted my fam insomuch as my schoolwork cramped our style occasionally.

These days, things are slowly changing.

For one, I’m now securely in the middle of a job search.  Although I’m always “searching,” living smack-dab in the middle of somewhere-out-there-that-no-body-knows-they’re-missing means that I have to look far and wide for related job postings and then fight to the death for them when they appear.

When I say “fight to the death,” I mean give each cover letter my complete attention and keep my ePortfolio updated.

Quick - name the movie with the confused librarian!
Quick – name the movie with the confused librarian!

Want to see it? …my ePortfolio, I mean.  It’s the one that I hand-coded during my website design course.  I’m proud of it but am also always looking for constructive criticism!

Voila, an ePortfolio!

Anyway, I’m really gunning for a teen librarian position.  They are relatively new in the field – because, you know, teenagers haven’t been around very long (?!?!) – and all of the information and programming that is being created in that area is so fun and very exciting.  Assuming that I can get my grubby little hands on one of these jobs, I’ll probably (re)start a young adult book review blog.  Remember The YA Train?

So may I have some all-around positive vibes for my job search? I know lots of people need these right now but if you have some to spare, I’d really appreciate it.

Whatta weekend!

Wowsa. We were busy but every second was filled with awesome family time that we really needed!

First, I unleashed my inner Pinterest and Jez and I successfully prepped 5 one-gallon-bags-worth of freezer meals.  At about two dinner + a lunch or two per bag, I’m extremely excited to have them!  I also created a “snack box” to keep in the fridge for Vivo that has some prepped veggies and cheese in it.  We’re to a place where she knows that she can go to the refrigerator and grab sometime when she’s hungry (and sometimes get away with eating it if we’re not in the immediate vicinity) so I think this will help to let her have some independence while also policing her choices. [Totally just right now sent her to grab a snack out when she was complaining of hunger and I’m already convinced this arrangement is AMAZING.]

DSCN0097 DSCN0099

With Finn being such a high-maintenance sleeper/eater and Vivi being busy every second of every day, we’ve pretty much dropped the ball when it comes to making well-rounded dinners around here.  Jez and I are absolutely beat by 5 p.m. every day – and now it won’t matter because I can throw something delicious in the crockpot around mid-day and count on it by mid-evening!

Tonight we’re trying out our teriyaki chicken. Mmmmmm.

teriyaki chicken


We also took a wonderful hike in the beautiful weather!  Things were great until Vivi decided to try climbing up (and down) a pretty steep embankment and fell face first, slamming her face on a branch.

DSCN0070 DSCN0071 DSCN0090

DSCN0092 DSCN0093

Has anyone noticed that I’ve been wearing Finn in the carrier like it’s a full-time job, lately?  He LOVES his Ergo (this is the kind we have but obviously not the same color) and I’ve been having amazing luck getting him to nap there… even during this brutal sleep-regression we’ve got going on.


So then on Sunday night it suddenly occurred to Jez and me that he might have Monday off because it’s a bank holiday – and we were right!  Seriously, paid holidays are flipping amazing.  So we spent another day together.  We had a great time at a local farm market/pumpkin patch.  We got to feed alpacas and sheep, beast a corn maze, and (very painstakingly) select pumpkins.  Now, of course, baked pumpkin seeds are in our near future!

DSCN0100 DSCN0110 DSCN0112 DSCN0119 DSCN0120 DSCN0146 DSCN0147 DSCN0151 DSCN0176 DSCN0178

In the last picture, Jez and Vieve are “sad” because they came in second place in the Clephane Amazing Race out of the corn maze.  Finn and I feel pretty good about winning.

Oh!  We also tried out smoothies and banana as respective firsts for Vivo and Finn.  Both were big hits.

DSCN0039 DSCN0042

DSCN0196 DSCN0191DSCN0205

It’s crazy how much I love all of them.

Alright, I have everyone set up to actually take naps today.  I plan to use the time to prep a cauliflower for tonight’s dinner (mashed cauliflower, YUM), clean the floors (not yum), and maybe watch Season 1 Episode 1 of Breaking Bad – I guess I need to see what all the hype is about.

Later, party people.


We have the cousins hanging out with us today.  Everyone needed a little kick to get their last bits of energy out before quiet time… so Jez organized a (very cute) scavenger hunt.  It was pretty intense! The kids had to find some hidden eggs, some different kinds of leaves, some mint, some sticks of a specific size, and some green tomatoes.  Their very last task was to find some cookies in aluminum foil that were hidden at the bases of some trees. Like I said, it was super cute.



After the hunt, everyone came in for some quiet time.


I wish I could say that it was “nap time” but no dice!  Looks like we might have some grumpy kiddos later this evening!

Off to clean up the day’s carnage before things get lively again!