Remember library school and how I finished it…?

I don’t talk too terribly much about my chosen career around these parts – mostly because I just finished my MS and, until now, that career has really only impacted my fam insomuch as my schoolwork cramped our style occasionally.

These days, things are slowly changing.

For one, I’m now securely in the middle of a job search.  Although I’m always “searching,” living smack-dab in the middle of somewhere-out-there-that-no-body-knows-they’re-missing means that I have to look far and wide for related job postings and then fight to the death for them when they appear.

When I say “fight to the death,” I mean give each cover letter my complete attention and keep my ePortfolio updated.

Quick - name the movie with the confused librarian!
Quick – name the movie with the confused librarian!

Want to see it? …my ePortfolio, I mean.  It’s the one that I hand-coded during my website design course.  I’m proud of it but am also always looking for constructive criticism!

Voila, an ePortfolio!

Anyway, I’m really gunning for a teen librarian position.  They are relatively new in the field – because, you know, teenagers haven’t been around very long (?!?!) – and all of the information and programming that is being created in that area is so fun and very exciting.  Assuming that I can get my grubby little hands on one of these jobs, I’ll probably (re)start a young adult book review blog.  Remember The YA Train?

So may I have some all-around positive vibes for my job search? I know lots of people need these right now but if you have some to spare, I’d really appreciate it.


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